Five ways video marketing helps colleges and universities

Wisconsin University

If you aren’t using video to market your college or university, you are missing out on a key ingredient in your messaging that offers a long list of benefits.  Full Access: Your prospective students and their families want to experience the school and its culture. While in-person visits are great, a day on campus may […]

Video Provides Key Campus Experience

Before anyone commits to a college or university, they want to experience the campus.  Short of an in-person visit, the next best thing is a video.  That’s why video marketing is key for any school.    By viewing a video, prospective students and their families engage with the sights and sounds of a campus, providing […]

How do you capture emotions on camera?

When someone tells their emotional story, it tugs at your heart strings and leaves an impression.    At DMJ, we know how to capture that on video by ensuring our subjects are comfortable when they share their vulnerable moments.  We actually received training from the best when we worked with the Spielberg Foundation on the […]

Why do salmon swim upstream?

You probably didn’t expect to get the answer to that question on our website! That’s the fun of the work we do at DMJ Studios and the joy of video. It’s engaging.  It invites viewers to connect and imagine.    In fact, you’re probably imagining right now what it looks like when salmon swim upstream.  […]