Five ways video marketing helps colleges and universities

If you aren’t using video to market your college or university, you are missing out on a key ingredient in your messaging that offers a long list of benefits. 

  1. Full Access: Your prospective students and their families want to experience the school and its culture. While in-person visits are great, a day on campus may be limited by weather, access, and schedules. Take a camera across the campus and you can share every aspect from dorm life to the lecture hall to sporting events.
  2. Rich Experience: There’s no arguing that video is a powerful medium providing sights and sounds.  It draws in a viewer and puts them right in the action.  You can tell people your school offers dynamic opportunities to interact with professors, but wouldn’t you rather show them?
  3. Versatility: Do you want to show off the facilities or create educational material?  Are you trying to figure out how to answer all those questions about the application process and financial aid?  Video is an ideal way to communicate a variety of information. Campus tours, explainers, and even an acceptance announcement are a few options.
  4. Energize the Details
    • It’s tedious to read a course description, but what if your students could hear and see the professor talk about a class? 
    • You can list all of your statistics on glossy paper or you can bring it to life. Video is the new brochure where you can show how many students are in a class or how your career center helps them get jobs.
  • It’s Personal: Kids want to know if they will fit in on campus.  Can they relate to the people?  Will they find friends?  Let them hear from current students, connect with others, and find their place.

Reach out to DMJ, and we’ll help you build your video library.

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