What can a lawyer do with video?

Video is not just for influencers and pop stars.  Professionals in all sectors are turning to video to market themselves, and that includes lawyers. 

And just like there are multiple ways to interpret the law, there are many ways to present video.

Here are some suggestions on how lawyers can use video:


Create a video for your homepage that explains what sets you apart from other law firms.  Introduce yourself and your staff.  Show people around the office.  Let potential clients get to know you by hearing you speak and seeing how you interact with others.  Anyone can look up your credentials online.  A video is your chance to show people who you are.


You can tell your audience how smart and successful you are, but there’s nothing more powerful than hearing one of your clients talk about their experience working with you.  And if you are hesitating at all to ask someone to speak on your behalf, let that go.  Yes, they are talking about you, but they are also telling their own story, and lending a hand to someone who’s facing the same legal challenge they just overcame with your guidance!


Show the depth and breadth of your practice by presenting interviews with your associates and partners. You can list all of the legal areas your team covers or you can talk about it.  Which do you think is more powerful?


Who doesn’t want some free legal advice?  Create a video offering guidance in a particular area, but don’t give it all away.  Provide just enough information to prove your expertise and give the viewer a reason to call for more.


Legalese may seem easy for you to understand, but that’s not the case for everyone.  Decode the law, especially the new ones that impact your potential clients. When people start to become educated, they realize there’s more to learn, and you are the person to teach them.

Share a story

Did you just close a fascinating or complicated case? Tell the story on video.  Explain the challenges and how you dealt with them.  Just make sure you respect and acknowledge attorney-client privilege.  It lets a potential client know you are trustworthy.

Are you ready to get started on video for your law practice?  Reach out to DMJ Studios to schedule a strategy call, and we’ll help you figure out what type of video makes sense for you.

Click here to see videos we’ve produced for lawyers.

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