Doing Business Right

DMJ Studios produced a series of videos for Dominican College (now Dominican University) including this overview that highlights all the aspects of the schools’ Business Program. Thinking about a video for your school? Here are five ways video marketing helps colleges and universities.

Yeshiva University Promo

This University Promo helps to show the importance of this educational institution. RIETS is flourishing and nurturing scholars who will contribute creatively to the strengthening and preservation of the Jewish people and heritage.

Yeshiva Darchei Torah

From the messaging, to the imagery, to the sound bites, DMJ crafted this film for the client. No Changes! Darchei is one of the most world renown Yeshivas and they trusted producer/director David Jasse to communicate their message at their open house.

Dominican College

“I took our drone to the first meeting!” according to Director David Jasse. That came in handy in order for DMJ to take existing video from the client along with the drone footage, stills and graphics and immediately produce the two videos featured on Dominican College’s home page. For the fall DMJ and director of […]

This is 75 Yavnehs Anniversary

How to summarize 75 years of a legacy of Excellence? Yavneh came to DMJ for a series of 10 videos to be released throughout the year.

Torah Umesorah Teacher Salaries

DMJ Studios produced a quick-turnaround video for Torah Umersorah’s annual convention. The video highlighted the very real-life challenges women teachers face in private religious schools regarding salaries.

Dominican College E DIRT2TURF

Dominican College is looking to upgrade their athletic facilities. This video explains why. In our new COVID reality, a turf field is even more important as its durability allows more practices to be held outdoors.