VELOTIX Unleashes IV Data Democratization

VELOTIX pioneers IV Data Democratization, revolutionizing accessibility by empowering everyone with unprecedented information access. No longer limited to a privileged few, everyday individuals can now tap into a wealth of insights and make data-driven decisions. This monumental achievement breaks down barriers, fueling collaboration and innovation across industries. Armed with comprehensive information, people can unlock valuable […]

Live Life to the Max: A Trade Show Video

How do you stop people in their tracks at a trade show?  A well-branded video is a powerful magnet to engage potential clients, and that’s exactly the purpose of this piece that DMJ Studios produced for Maxsip Telecom.  The company provides free internet and user-friendly technology to those who qualify and are in need. Our team […]

Corporate Sizzle

DMJ conceptualizes, produces, shoots and edits corporate videso to set you apart from the competition.

Zone One Energy Animated Explainer

Energy deregulation. What is it? How do you sell something people don’t necessarily understand, but yet can save them significant money? Enter DMJ and the animated explainer video. From “casting” the main character, casting the voice over, drawing the images, and animating… it’s a great process and whala an animated explainer video!

Building and Construction Promotional Video

This building promotional video is vital in helping to raise funds for construction ventures. Over 1200 gathered at the Marriott Marquis in NYC for the 45th Annual Gala to view the progress of the 10 Million Dollar Building Campaign as displayed in this stunning combination of interviews and 3D graphics.

Amagi and Sundance Channel

Amagi and Sundance Channel Global win prestigious IBC Innovation Award A Note from our client: Hey David, Thanks for checking in. Yeah, we won the award (yay). A lot of the credit goes to your brilliant video shoot, that was used for our nomination video. More details available at – check it out when […]

The Prosperous Leader Corporate Videos

Corporate Videos are great additions to your website home page to let your videos know why that should chose you. DMJ was asked to create a promotional film from concept to completion based on testimonials from clients. Watch the film, it’s worth a thousand words! View on client site

DMJ Explainer Video

Does use of video help improve your marketing? Consider these recent facts! Visitors spend 2x the amount of time on your website Video attracts 3x monthly visitors Video content increases SEO effectiveness 157% 46% more likely to seek out product information when there’s video People remember 20% of what they hear, 30% of what the […]

Vision summit promo

We’re having an event and need a promo video. We have some photos, video clips, and want a promo to music. Create something. DMJ brought in our wonderful team of aftereffects artist, and editor and the producer to help tell the story in words, and images.. with a little help from some stock footage, and […]

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