Can you produce a video with Zoom?

Zoom is not just for professional meetings and happy hour with friends.  You can also use it to produce a video, but before you start recording on your own, consider the following advice.

Sound quality can greatly affect the overall impact of your video. If top notch audio is critical for your production, you may want to consider options other than Zoom or develop skills to enhance the audio quality.

Video quality is, of course, another key ingredient, and while Zoom can produce good quality video, it may not create the blue-ribbon appearance you get from professional equipment and a dedicated production team.

There is a caveat to all of this.  

Zoom may be the best tool for your video if you have the right people in place. 

In fact, it worked well in the DMJ Studios production for JIMENA: Jews Indigenous to the Middle East and North Africa. Our team conducted interviews via Zoom with influencers who had professional audio and video set-ups which allowed for good sound and video quality.  

With the help of computer-generated transcripts to expedite the process, we took six hours of Zoom interviews to create a meaningful and impactful piece. 

“We meticulously dug through the material to find the most compelling content and put it together to tell the story,” said producer Julie Weinberg. “Our professional, seasoned, award-winning editor, Roy Schneider, did an amazing job bringing everything to life with photos and video from the interviewees, historical images, and social media content. The graphics and music that Roy added gave it the polish we needed to pull it all together.”  

“Working with DMJ Studios was an absolute delight. Their hands on and collaborative approach made our video project a complete success. We will definitely use their service again for future projects!” said Matthew Nouriel, Community Engagement Director, JIMENA .

If you are unsure if Zoom is the best option for your project, consult with a professional video production team like DMJ Studios, who can advise you on the ideal approach for your needs.

Need help strategizing for your next video?

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