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From concept to completion—we do it all.

DMJ Studios is a video production boutique that shapes messaging through powerful storytelling, stunning design, and insightful problem solving.

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Sam Fishman

Managing Director SINAI Director

Mercedes Velgot

Emmy Award Winning Executive Producer ABC’s Born to Explore with Richard Weise

Derek Saker

Director of Communications OHEL Family Services

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    Brand Workshop
    We meet with you and selected internal stakeholders to come to an understanding on what your brand is and also to learn more about your company or organization. This meeting helps identify your key target audiences, perceptions of current brand name and identity, current market position, customer decision-making factors and more.

    Discovery Phase
    DMJ dives deeper into your market space and competitive branding/marketing materials. Once internal and external research is complete, we summarize our findings in a creative brief for your approval. This creative brief will serve as the document that guides our creative process.

    Building the Team
    Scouting, selecting the cinematographers, reviewing graphic artists and editors is all part of the process

    1. Research
    2. Competitive Analysis
    3. Scripting
    4. Creative Briefs
    5. Story Boards
    6. Reviewing DP & Director Reels
    7. Scouting
    8. Studio/Sets/Props
    9. Film/Video/Photography
    10. Catering/Craft Services
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    We use first-rate crews, along with the latest in production gear. This includes a drone for aerials, steadi-cam for walk through shots, as well as sliders and first rate lenses and lighting. This is how we like to work, a great crew that gives us quality image and great sound combined with what I as a director specialize in, great emotional story telling while conveying the necessary information and messaging.

    1. Cast/Crew
    2. Location Services
    3. Makeup/Wardrobe
    4. Sets/Props
    5. Catering/Craft Services
    6. Documentary Production
    7. Commercial Production
    8. EPK Production
    9. DIT Services


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    Post Production

    Once shooting is completed we create the first cut. This will contain the elements of our script plus real life moments that can only be determined once they are captured in production. The first cut typically will include rough titles that will then be transformed to branded graphics for the second cut.

    Our rough edits are usually about 90% on the money having done our research and scripting. The normal process is then two rounds of revisions to craft your film to your liking. The hours for those two rounds of revisions are included in our original budget to you. Revisions after that are additional charged by the hour. We will not go beyond the allotted editorial budget without first giving you advanced warning that we are close to using up our time, and overall no overages are ever done without your permission.

    1. Digital Non-linear editing
    2. AVID
    4. FINAL CUT
    5. Motion Graphics 2D & 3D
    6. Infographics
    7. Color Correction & Grading
    8. Stock Music
    9. Custom Music score
    10. Sound Design