Golf Committee

Over 1250 guests including Governor Cuomo and Mayor elect De Blasio came to the Marriott in NYC . This Golf parody was one of 4 DMJ films featured at the fund-raising Gala.

Achiezer at 13 Years of Achiezer Together

DMJ Studios produced, directed and edited a series of videos for Achiezer for their virtual fundraising event. The campaign raised over $2 million dollars in just 36 hours.

autism during covid

Autism is a developmental disorder that leads to a unique way of life for both the autistic and their caregivers during normal times. The policies that have been enacted during the COVID-19 pandemic have affected us all, but our autistic friends are even less equipped for the change. OHEL reached out to DMJ to create […]


JCFS Chicago enlisted DMJ to conceptualize, produce and edit a short film to promote The Duman Opportunity center, which focuses on equity in employment.