I cut myself

This short film produced for Madraigos, an organization that deals with teens at risk, tells of the horrific realities facing our youth today, and what Madraigos is doing to help those spiraling down, and how they help prevent others from falling into the same pitfalls.

Pioneers Summer Camp

What makes your Summer Camp stand out? How about an exciting promotional video? Let DMJ Studios help share your story with the world. DMJ went into the wood for a couple of days with DSLR cameras and got to experience summer camp with the young ladies themselves.

A Life Worth Living A Look At Suicide

There have been 70 suicides in the Jewish community in the last three years. One brave family steps forward to tell their story in order to raise awareness and remove stigma. The film premiered at NYC’s Marriott Marquis in NYC in front of a crowd of 1100. According to mayor De Blasio who spoke afterwards […]

Paintball Promotional Videos

There are tons of youth outreach activities such as camps, clubs and sports like paintball. Let DMJ Studios help people find your outreach organization with our high quality promotional videos. DMJ went into the woods with a few DSLR’s an amazing DP and bright yellow vests so we wouldn’t get hit. Awesome shoot… amazing competition!