Corporate PROJECT

Mass Mutual “LifeBridge” Insurance Film

CLIENT: Mullen - Mass Mutual    ROLE: Creative, Production, Editorial

DMJ was hired by Mullen to produce a film celebrating the 10th anniversary of Lifebridge for MassMutal Insurance. “Thanks very much to the DMJ team—the client loves the work and sends a big thanks to all!” -The Mullen Team

Meet Cheri.
As a single mother, she couldn’t afford life insurance. She worried for her children and what would happen to their education if she wasn’t around. That was before she discovered MassMutual’s LifeBridge Free Life Insurance Program.

Agency: Mullen
Client: MassMutual
Senior Producer: Ken Kingdon
Copywriter: Dylan Klymenko
Art Director: Andy Schneider

Directors: Scott Duffy, David Jasse
Production Manager: Carolyn George
Cameraman/DP: Ron Marrazzo
Editorial: Travis Hoggard, David Jasse