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Freedom Care Web promotional Film

logo-hostedthe cast at home Getting the Story 

Cameraman DP Syuji Honda and Director David Jasse have been interviewing patients around the tri-state area for FreedomCare. It’s a CDPAP agency that allows loved ones to care for loved ones and get paid via medicaid. We’ve captured some really touching stories from people who are so grateful to help family and be able to support themselves at the same time.


Red Epic finds a home at DMJ


The Red Epic Dragon – The first 6K video camera combines advanced color science with incredible dynamic range, EPIC produces the most realistic images imaginable. With superior image quality and best-in-class resolution, RED EPIC with HELIUM 6K S35 sensor, recipient of the highest DxOMark score ever, allows content creators everywhere to deliver ultra-detailed still and motion images. Of course it’s about the talent to go with the gear. DMJ’s Suyji Honda  operates and creates on set. When he’s not on set he travels the US adding to his growing stock video portfolio sold via Pond Five.


Brain Neurplasticity film

activebrain 20170627_123833 20170627_123902 20170803_151133 Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 2.41.14 PM

Director David Jasse recently produced a fascinating film. “One of the most educational projects we’ve done in years about how the brain can improve, it’s called Neuroplasticity” Also known as brain plasticity, it’s the brain’s ability to change both its physical structure and its functional organization in response to training and experience – to grow dendrites (the branch like structures on the cell body of the neuron which receive signals coming from other neurons), to form new neural connections, to strengthen existing connections, to grow new neurons, to increase neurotransmitters – all of which fundamentally change the brain’s capacity to learn and to function and this can happen throughout the lifespan.


DMJ is hired to tell VNA’s Stories

g3J-NoYB   Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 5.16.48 PMScreen Shot 2017-05-18 at 5.07.47 PMScreen Shot 2017-05-18 at 5.03.08 PMScreen Shot 2017-05-18 at 5.04.07 PMScreen Shot 2017-05-18 at 5.00.34 PMScreen Shot 2017-05-18 at 5.18.01 PM

DMJ produced six stories of the amazing work of the VNA in New Jersey, the short films were featured at all of the events during nurses week. These highly emotional real life stories had the audience in tears.

During National Nurses Week, the VNA is pleased to recognize the valuable contributions of all all nursing professionals. Celebrated annually from May 6-12, National Nurses Week is devoted to highlighting the diverse ways in which registered nurses, who comprise the largest health care profession, are working to improve health care and the expanding health care needs of American society.


Yavneh Academy 75th Anniversary

Yavnehpic  jBb_tjGt   20180103_112209

Yavneh Academy a prominent private school in New Jersey, contracted by DMJ Studios to produce 10 short films throughout their 75th anniversary year. Four videos were featured at their gala banquet, the others are utilized throughout the year in social media and on the school’s website.


Career Opportunities

20130828_194112 20130807_181241 20130912_175659

DMJ Studios is currently accepting applications for Editor and Producer/Office Manager/Production Coordinator.
Please send your resume and reel (if appropriate) to jasse@dmjstudios.net

In House Editor:
DMJ Studios a growing Long Island video & editorial boutique is dedicated to finding an amazing local full time in house editor. Editor must expert in Adobe Suites (Premiere/Photoshop/AfterEffects), experienced with non scripted videos. Overall looking for a great visual storyteller. Strong graphic, music, and creative ability is a must. Videos we produce include: biographical, patient testimonial, fundraising, medical and honoree videos. The ideal candidate will be a technical editor who is computer and software savvy and has a passion for growth and improvement. Salary depending on experience.  You must include a link to your reel at the top of your application followed by your responses to the job qualifications. Before telling us your life story, please address the above job qualifications. Looking forward to finding our next team player.

Producer/Office Manager/Production Coordinator
The Producer/Office Manager/Production Coordinator will oversee our Long Island production office including: scheduling, light book-keeping, booking crews & editors, as well as hard drive and project organization. This position requires a highly organized person who is good at tracking jobs and working closely with clients, along with a working knowledge of production equipment and editing software. As we do our own sales & marketing, experience with: Constant Contact, Linked in, Zoho CRM, and knowledge of social media is a big plus. We start at 8:45 AM and finish at 6:15 with only occasional later nights. The ideal candidate is within a close radius of our offices in Cedarhurst 11516, we’re next to the LIRR. Please include a link to work that you have produced.  Typically we are responsible for concept to completion and produce highly emotional documentary type short films for non-profit events, some commercial and corporate.  Typically we shoot on Cannon 5D Mark III and edit on Premiere and do custom graphics along with utilizing templates.  Thank you, look forward to hearing from you.


DMJ New Equipment

Drone at CampDJI Mavi Pro Drone . Amazing.
Right out of the box we were up and flying. We did start out in beginner mode, which meant it couldn’t fly too far or too high, but quickly we were off and in production like pros. It was truly amazing as this not only does the obvious flying shot, but it simulates the look of a dolly and jib as well. The thing is amazingly stable and quick. When you pin the throttle to go full speed ahead, the copter leans over and takes off. The amazing thing is that the camera always stays perfectly still and level. When you take a look at the footage, you’d promise the camera is on a tripod, but can’t be cause you’re hundreds of feet in the air. We did some preliminary tests on it’s tracking feature where it follows someone, and the results are truly amazing. If you heard it’s fun and easy to fly a drone, you’re right. it does take practice to get better and not to crash. We did crash a couple of times! Although i must say the forward moving sensor stops you from crashing into things and people in front of you. So I crashed into things when going backwards! Check Price

DMj Welcomes Strategic Partner Seth Feldman


p&gLR-Emmy-Statuette-emailWalmart-Logo-pictures-walmart-sign-new-logo16The Better Show is celebrating its 1000th episode on December 22.  (PRNewsFoto/Meredith Corporation)meredith-300-230

Seth is a three-time Emmy-award winning television producer and a pioneer of Branded Entertainment and native video advertising. His expertise is developing, producing and distributing branded video content for broadcast, cable and digital distribution. Most recently he was Vice President of Branded Entertainment & Program Development at Meredith Video Studios, where he created The Better Show, which now airs on over 150 television stations Seth has developed close to 200 branded video programs for top tier brands including Kraft, KMART, Lowes, Wal-Mart, State Farm, P&G, Graco, Sears Kenmore, General Mills, Arm & Hammer, Purina & Chase. All told, he has 18 years of experience in news, reality, scripted and lifestyle programming. He has worked under some of the biggest names in television including Barry Diller and Mark Burnett.


DMJ New Equipment

ikan Beholder Gimbal Stabilizer.  Joyous.
GimbalIn the past many used dollies and tracks. Sure Hollywood is still using them, but you don’t have to unless your camera is too heavy. When this thing works, it works amazing. Be warned this is more of professional gear than it is consumer gear. You have to set you camera for right exposure and focus, you have to balance the camera, and you need to practice to get good at this. Can you take it out of the box and get some real Hollywood looking shots.. yep. But best results are achieved when you practice, practice, practice. Plus there’s tons of features that unless you learn how to use them, you won’t find them. On location is not the place to learn when the clients are expecting results. Check Price



Here’s How To Increase Your Fund Raising x 5

Screen shot 2015-06-28 at 12.23.40 PMScreen shot 2015-06-28 at 12.50.32 PMjacob

1. NO SPECIFIC CAMPAIGN –  Rally your donations around a goal, let people take ownership in their gift, or better what their gift buys. Invite donors to be part of a building campaign, buying new computers for the facility, or to join the movement, perhaps to raise a certain amount by a certain date.

2. TOO BORING – Don’t produce a video brochure… speak about benefits not just features, like in any good sales presentation. It should be a highly emotional immersive experience with real people before the ask. Let them share your mission, feel for those you help. Let them really know your organization, let them hear real stories about real people helped. Sometimes it’s better to save the ask for outside of the film.

3. TOO LONG – Keep it short. As they teaching in acting, directing, and good communication; if it’s not a necessary or critical scene, leave it out. It’s critical the first :08 to engages your audience then moving forward you have to be on your game every :08 seconds to keep your audience engaged. When in doubt cut it out! You want them to stay on your site, or to come back next year to your event!

4. TOO GENERAL – Personalize the case for support.  There are certain messages that can be given at a dinner and on the web in front of the public, others that can’t. When you can customize the message for a particular donor or group of donors, perhaps it’s your biggest donor, it’s worth the time. More often than not there will be many who fall into the category of that major donor or group of donors and you will get mileage out of that custom made presentation. So focus in on their individual passions and interests. Make a specific version of the video with specific donors in mind. When you try to please everyone, you often please no one.

5. NO FOLLOW UP – Promptly follow up with perspective donors. You spent the money on your mailing, your video, the food, now personalize it, and meet or call them. Once they make a donation of any size it’s critical to say thank you and share the success, let them know the impact of their donation. Getting long term support is just as important as a successful campaign!

Keren RCCSScreen Shot 2016-05-14 at 9.36.33 PMScreen Shot 2016-03-01 at 1.43.51 PMScreen Shot 2016-01-07 at 8.13.27 PM

6. THERE IS NO REAL CAMPAIGN –  Videos cost money, campaigns make money. You need a plan. If you follow the above rules and you produce a video now what? Don’t blame the film maker if you don’t make money. Together when you start producing your video work with the film maker on a campaign. The most typical is, have everyone on the board and the honoree send around and share on social media a 1:30 promo film that includes a link to your invitation/donate page. Then consider having a 6 minute version for your dinner after you’ve fed everyone and they’re looking for a good story and want to get to know you better. Then cut that dinner version down for your website and social media and last but not least have in mind creating social media clips so your video is not a once a year occurrence, but reather you can release :30-1:30 pieces often.

7. THE VIDEOS DO NOT CREATE A FOLLOWING –  What are social media videos anyway? They are videos that are short and compelling that people will want to share. Very often they offer valuable information that people who have similar interests will share with other people with the same interest. For example we did a very successful social media campaign with a special needs school about how parents react to anger in their special needs children. Then we shared it with other groups containing special needs parents in the same situation and that value was appreciated and shared. Be sure to have your logo front and back and perhaps in the corner throughout, with contact information at the end. When the valuable information you’ve shared is shared with others, this way  your brand and contact information spreads as well.

8. DOES NOT LOOK PROFESSIONAL, DOES NOT STAND OUT –  You need for a brand, like many things you buy! You have to look like a real business or organziation. It’s not enough to have a successful product or service, you need name recognition and legitimacy based on your look. When your PR materials don’t match each piece of matieral ends of standing alone and starting from scratch. A branded campaign with the same polished look throughout, with a brand guide, will allow your materials to represent you exponentially. The most sophisticated financial advisor can be pitching for your business, but if he’s wearing a clown suit, folks ain’t buying. Don’t sell your valued proposition wearing a clown suit or a look that doesn’t suit you or doesn’t stand out or is inconsistent. A logo and brand is worth the investment as it’s seen the most of any piece of advertising you have.

9. NOT EMOTIONALLY ENGAGING –  A story that comes from the heart, touches the heart. Typically in th short films you see it portrays; I got sick, I got better, if it was for the organization – name here – I don’t know where I’d be. So when you think about it, it’s not the words, we’ve heard the stories before, there are no new stories, it’s about the delivery. Your stories have to be good and have to be captured with tons of emotion.

10. NO CALL TO ACTION!  So you’ve shared Information, taught me your mission, got me emotionally involved, now hit them with a call to action. You can recommend people to share your story on facebook, perhasp get a copy of the film and have a parolor meeting. Or perhaps you organization needs to be pushed into action, perhaps the board members have to all follow up in the days after your event.


Zone 1 Energy Animated Explainer

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 7.11.00 PMScreen Shot 2017-06-29 at 7.11.39 PMScreen Shot 2017-06-29 at 7.13.48 PM

Energy deregulation. What is it?  How do you sell something people don’t necessarily understand, but yet can save them significant money? Enter DMJ and the animated explainer video. From “casting” the main character, casting the voice over, drawing the images, and animating… it’s a great process and whala an animated explainer video! zone1energy.com


NYC’s Mayor’s comments on DMJ’s recent work

Recently DMJ’s touching film on suicide was featured at the Marriott Marquis in NYC. Listen to NYC’s Mayor’s Mike De blasio’s response to our film. As we’re in the story telling business it’s nice to know our films are making a difference.


Strategic Partner Blake + Company

All great things happen when people collaborate. David Jasse and Alan Blake are very excited about the relationship they have been building and they are looking forward to a continued fruitful relationship. Mr. Blake brings many years of commercial experience to the growing DMJ team with international awards and credits. The goal is always to enhance web identity of brands, corporations and good causes. Alan prides himself on superior production standards coupled with a very cost effective approach. We would be honored to imagine your next video project with you.



DMJ on location in NYC Penthouse


DMJ on location in a penthouse apartment in NYC interviewing supporters of one of the many non-profits on DMJ’s roster.
The Gear: 4 daylight LED panel lights, Cannon 5D Mark III, a mini HD monitor, 2 Lavaliere microphones, a couple prime lens options, and of course one of our favorite DP’s Suyji Honda. Together we captured, emotional interviews and beautiful images of both the speakers and their luxurious penthouse.


The Story of Aish Kodesh

Cameraman DP Suyji Honda along with Director David Jasse (not visible) interviewing synagogue President Ephrayim in Woodmere N.Y. as part of a moving documentary, “The Story of Aish Kodesh”, The Holy Fire. One of the synagogue’s goals as told by Rabbi Moshe Weinberger is to help rebuild a Jewish world that was destroyed in WWII.

video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=on8Xl4fkFJU


Mixology for the sound mix


Each year DMJ works closely with SINAI Schools in N.J. to produce short films to be featured at their annual February Gala, where over 800 people come out each year “for a good cry”. In order to insure quality sound, DMJ and SINAI spend a day at mixology post in NYC with Rob Kahn and Doug Moss

Video – https://vimeo.com/58738338


DMJ Produces Show Open

Emmy Award Winning Born to Explore with Richard Weise which airs weekly on ABC came to DMJ to edit their program and came away with a new show open as well. DMJ worked with the executive producers to compile footage from their early seasons to create a stunning show open.


Amagi Named Winner in Prestigious IBC 2015 Innovation Awards Contest

Amagi, a leading provider of cloud-based broadcast infrastructure and targeted TV advertising solutions, has been named winner of the IBC 2015 Innovation Awards  for Creating a Content Regionalization Solution for Sundance Channel Global.
DMJ was hired to produce the awards film. The film features, Dave Alworth, VP  Operations for AMC Networks International & Rick Phelps from Amagi. The promo will be presented at the IBC Innovation Awards in September.


D Jasse Directs Eli Weisel


Director David Jasse has been on location with many amazing people in his career, above is Malcolm Hoenlein, Executive Chairman of The Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations, along with the Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs for Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier. Elie Weisel was presented with a German Medal of Honor. Mr. Jasse also interviewed Mr Weisel for SINAI Schools.


Jewel Night For Women’s Cancer

Cameraman/DP Travis M. doing close up photography on Jewelry for “Jewel Night” a fund raiser for Sharsheret a women’s cancer organization who recognizes their donors with various jewels depending on level of contribution.

video – https://vimeo.com/144511035


David Jasse on Panel at Fordam University

New York Nonprofit Media will host Nonprofit MarkCon which will bring together marketing and communications executives from nonprofits across New York to discuss how to build a brand.
Topic: How to incorporate social media into your marketing efforts
Senior Strategist, DoSomething.org
Chief Marketing Officer, Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City
Creative Director & Owner, DMJ Studios
Founder & Principal, Susan J Ragusa LLC

DMJ Rebrands SINAI Special Needs Schools

DMJ has been working with SINAI School in Teaneck N.J. for the past 7 years. “We’re thrilled to collaborate with SINAI, it’s a great partnership.”  Since working together our client has grown tremendously from 1 million to 8 million in annual fundraising.
DMJ created the entire brand from logo, tag line, videos, print and staging of their dinner, and most recently the social media campaign.  Hear all about it from managing director, Sam Fishman.


DMJ Staff & Freelancers Behind the Scenes

20141118_160420_dmjeditors3  20150605_131342

Staff editor / graphic artist Travis works alongside Freelancer Damien on OHEL Gala. DMJ works with a pool of very qualified freelances as well as staff in order to be the ”right size” depending on the season. Here we’re on deadline for 5 films for OHEL’s Gala Banquet in New York City.

video – https://vimeo.com/112713897


Multi-Million Dollar Campus

Melissa 20141117_120852_Melissa_citycouncil_OHELbuild 

OHEL Family Services is building a new multi million dollar complex in Brooklyn. Here we are on location in City Hall with New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito discussing how the new complex will be benefit the community and state.

video https://vimeo.com/112738559 


“Two Journeys” Selected for Life Tree Filmfest

The Lifetree Film Fest is a cinematic celebration focusing on bringing awareness to local, national and international issues by portraying people or organizations making a positive difference.  The film was selected from 170 entries from 60 countries.

“Two Journeys” a stunning short documentary directed by David Jasse for Chai Lifeline on pediatric cancer includes segments captured by the children themselves who were given handycams to document their arduous journey. The highlight of the films is the children’s outrageous camp experience in Camp Simcha-Camp Happiness. The camp features state of the art medical care, and outrageous and dedicated volunteer and paid staff. The mini-documentary featured two families, one from Maryland and the other from Philadelphia. Contains intense subject matter.


OHEL: Rising from Divorce

OHEL Children’s Home and Family Services, one of DMJ’s long-standing clients, approached us to collaborate on a series of films dealing with the aftermath of divorce. We worked with Communications Director, Derek Saker, to produce a 30 minute film for community screenings, along with several promotional versions. This is a critical project for the community at large, and DMJ was honored to be a part of it.


Touching Promo for OHEL Familly Services

This Promo is the forerunner for the 5 Films DMJ is producing for OHEL’s Gala in NYC on November 22, 2015 at the Marriott. Watch the real life on camera conversation between director David Jasse and special needs clients along with their moms. There’s nothing like the real thing!


Community Leader Moishe Hellman Honored By OHEL

Guest of Honor Moishe Hellman from DMJ Studios on Vimeo.

Moishe Hellman, Co-President of OHEL Children’s Home and Family Services, has devoted his professional and personal life to our community. Moishe is the consummate Askan who selflessly dedicates himself to all in need – from world-class Chesed organizations to individuals in despair.


David Jasse, Featured speaker at National Philanthropy Day

The AFP, Association of Fundraising Professionals gathers professionals each year for an all day conference, David Jasse was the featured speaker on “Video, Branding and Documentaries” in order to increase awareness and contributions for non-profits.