Our Philosophy

Ever been frustrated when you’re a great cause, company, or product, & your videos are less than inspiring, except to your mom?
That’s what motivates us, we’re here to tell your story in the most engaging way possible. We’re here to help you grow & thrive.

The “Concept-to-Completion” Approach

A well thought out approach from beginning to end result in videos that are very powerful, and produce results. Keep in mind videos cost money, campaigns are what make money, so it’s important to look at the big picture. We help you strategize, sell benefits (not features), and get great results. Producing the right video is a wonderful process that we go through together with our clients. If you need someone to simply point and shoot, you can do that yourself on your phone :)


David Jasse Owner & Creative Director

David M. Jasse opened DMJ in 1992 after garnering network experience at CNN, MTV, CBS & FOX. Among his company’s most recent achievements is editing & designing graphics for Emmy Award winning “Born to Explore with Richard Weise” as seen on ABC. Previously, DMJ headed up the editorial team for “Cafe Digital”, 52 half hour shows on The Discovery Channel. David’s specialty is directing video that engages audiences, & touches hearts. Mr. Jasse’s non profit films have helped raised over 20 million dollars.

Veronica Herrera Production manager

Veronica Herrera our multinational and multilingual production manager speaks English, French, and Spanish and is a great cook too! You name the cuisine! Our “whoo” girl is a Venezuelan, who lived in Paris, and now loves her new apartment in Bushwick. She came to NYC a year and a half ago to start her amazing adventure in the USA, and so far it’s living up to expectations. Always focused on creating and developing new organizing strategies, she’s a huge asset throughout the production process, happily keeping tabs on everyone. Creative and opinionated Veronica doesn’t hesitate to put in her two sense to bring an edge to every clients production. Ms. Herrera has a passion for drawing, does some editing when given the chance, loves the gym, and of course this latino can dance the night away!


Syuji Honda Cameraman DP

Ever wonder who shoots that amazing stock video that you see on Shutter-Stock? You’re looking at em! From Honolulu to Yellowstone Park and everything in between, when Honda is not working for DMJ he’s traveling the world capturing those amazing, “not normal” images. Mr. Syuji Honda..known as Honda…is a creative, masterful technician with the eye and the patience to get it perfect. With the sophistication of a “Honda”, yet combined with a sense of humor and creativity that makes for a pleasant experience even on those 14 hour days. Amongst his career accomplishments, Honda has directed over 50 music videos and shot an independent feature length film in 2013.